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Updates to my Soundcloud and Instagram

I have uploaded six new poems to my Soundcloud:

Please note I have added a Soundcloud widget, which allows you to listen to the content without leaving WordPress.

In addition, I have added a number of new pictures and content to my Instagram which can be accessed here.



When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Bess

When a young lady whose name is Bess
Said, “my sins I must confess”,
I made prompt reply,
“No priest am I,
And your hair is a terrible mess!”.

When a young lady whose name is Bess
Said, “my sins I must confess”,
I said, with a sigh,
“No priest am I,
Now please put on your dress!”.

I Flick Through Contacts On My Mobile Phone

I flick through
Contacts on my mobile phone.
True they
Make it easy to
Keep in touch by phone
Or text,
Although it does vex
Me that technology
Renders memory
Unnecessary, for why keep
In your head
Numbers stored on the cold phone?
And you sleep
Forever in a house of stone,
Your number, dead,
On my useless phone.

I Shall Sit Under This Graveyard Tree

I shall sit under this graveyard tree
And think on Gray’s Elegy.
The ploughman is as a sod
As are the great.
Oft of an evening late
I ponder on Gray
Who, one day
Wrote an Elegy
Which resonates now with me.
His verse will live on
Long after I am gone
And I doubt not
That this tree
Which overlooks this graveyard plot
Will outlast me.

When A Poet Whose Name Is Power

When a poet whose name is Power
Composed a poem entitled The Flower,
Some thought it was about a girl
And others that it concerned a pearl,
But it was simply about a flower!

When A Young Lady Whose Name Is Gale

When a young lady whose name is Gale
Said “my love ’tis for sale”,
Her friend, Bishop Lee
Looked at the sea,
And suggested they go for a sail.