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Corona May Be King

Corona may be king,
For a time,
But the birds still sing,
And I have my rhyme.

A Single Flower On A Cacti

A single flower on a cacti
I thought dead. Should I toil
In barren soil
For hope? Yet there is that flower
To brighten this dull hour
Of shower
And thunder.
The wonder
Of existence,
The persistence
Against all odds
In sods
I thought sterile.

On my window ledge
On the edge
Of rebirth
From seeming barren turf
My cacti
Teters and I
Recall how, only yesterday,
I was on the point of throwing it away.


“Hark the herald angels sing”
The Salvation Army band play
As I walk through Victoria station today.

The thing
Is that I want to believe.
The music half carries me away
And I grieve
That I can not pray
Other than in a formulistic way
Where words are heard by none but me.
Or (o distant hope
That helps men cope)
Perhaps by a being
(All seeing)
Who I can not understand
Let alone command.