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Wandering around Hampton Court
In late May, a thought,
Prompted by Wisteria hanging on a wall.
A few purple flowers, their scent
Already spent
And ready to fall,
Did to me call.

The flowering time for Wisteria is April to June. I visited Hampton Court with my friend, Brian yesterday (20 May).

The Abandoned Garden

The weeds, interspersed with flowers raise their heads enquiringly at unfamiliar footfall. So long have they remained undisturbed,, they scarcely know how to greet a guest.

Once visitors thronged to the garden. Comments on it’s layout and the many and varied plants rang out. A joyous chiriping as of many birds was heard.

The gardener became ill, died or perhaps lost interest in his plot, leaving it to dwindle, turn in upon itself. A few flowers still bloom, their scent appreciated by the occasional guest who, stumbling upon the place unawares pauses, savours the beauty of the flowers then wondering, sadly why this little paradise has been abandoned, passes on.

Is not a blog a little like a garden?