Late Night Working

I met a young lady named White
Who walks the streets late at night.
Her friend Miss Yvette
Asked for a cigarette,
But I never smoke late at night!

6 thoughts on “Late Night Working

  1. Lamittan Minsah

    M’hh.. could have puffed up a little smoke into their noses 😂, late night of course. Sometimes i detect a little aura of hilarity in your posts even when it might not seem so to others. I’m one huge introvert who loves finding fun in writings. And i bet you’re slowly filling that longing. Kevin you are funloving too, i suppose.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so pleased you find hilarity in some of my poems. This one was indeed meant to be humorous.

      Its interesting that you describe yourself as an introvert. I used to think of myself in that way. However I now believe that I am somewhere in between introvert and extrovert. I enjoy time alone writing or just listening to the birds/walking in nature. But I also relish the company of close friends over dinner or down the pub. Best wishes. Kevin

      1. Lamittan Minsah

        Yes, this one cracked my ribs. I also enjoy moderate company, but just when there’re people to pull out stories so i can only enjoy and bone up to the subjects a little. But mostly I love reading and a little writing. Thanks for your benign nature and being available here to make my day, Kevin.

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