When An Aristocratic Young Lady Named Leigh

When an aristocratic young lady named Leigh
Invited me into her library for tea
The vicar’s daughter Mabel
Danced on the table,
And the books they fell on me!

12 thoughts on “When An Aristocratic Young Lady Named Leigh

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you, Michael. I enjoyed my Wednesday evening. A couple of pints in my favourite local pub followed by a good curry in my favourite Indian restaurant. I did, however get soaked to the skin on the way home as the heavens opened! Hope your evening was also a good one. Kevin

      1. OIKOS™-Editorial

        Sounds amazing, Kevin! Congratulations! Yes, what a British man without a pub. Lol You are having a wonderful great diversity in food too. Thats what i am calling really democratic. My evening was as good as possible. Since some years i am staying far away from beer, so a Coke was enough. Thank you, and enjoy a wonderful Thursday, Kevin! xx

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