Writ On A Most Ancient Grave

On a most ancient grave
Is writ,
“Here lies the great Dave.
His wit
Was razor-sharp.
Yet, for all his art,
He ended in this grave!”.

3 thoughts on “Writ On A Most Ancient Grave

  1. samanthaharris

    Great stuff. Well, we all have to die, although some of can live for over 130 years…makes you think doesn’t it? I’m 51 now, if I think about what I can learn in another eighty years it blows my mind….

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you for commenting. I’m pleased you can relate to my poem. As you say, we all have to die at some point. And, as you also point out, our life expectancy is rising, although I cant see humankind reaching a state of immortality any time soon (if at all). I also am 51, my birthday being on 6 January, which is quite a coincidence. Kevin


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