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The Song of the Siren

Lashed to the mast,
You ride
The tide
Of pain and pleasure.
The weather
Is hot.

Sirens sunbathe,
And say, “let go”.
You know
You ought not,
But the girls are so hot,
And the reef
Of grief
Seems hidden, and all you see
Is a beautiful she.

So, you let go
And, at your leisure
Go down
And drown
In the sea
Of pain and pleasure.

But, long
‘Ere you did see
Those cold, calculating eyes,,
You recognised
Her siren song.
And yet
You did choose
To lose
Yourself in the sea of regret,
Where men go down
And drown,
And drown again,
In pleasure, and pain.

The Lost Soul

A wiff
Of cheap scent
On bedclothes
For him to sniff
When she goes.

How easy it is to repent
Of the money spent
But, he knows
That when the wine flows
The weak
Will seek
For a she of a certain profession.

Had he belief
He would make his confession
To the priest who knows
Where the lost soul goes
To find a temporary relief
On the Siren’s reef.

Men Surf The Brine

Men surf the brine.
As a line
Of mermaids throng
The sand. Their song
Odysseus heard long ago.

Many men were lost
For they failed to count the cost
And drowned. Twas always so
And the wise well know
With Sirens not to play
And with Odysseus stay
Lashed to the mast
Lest they drown in the ocean vast.

“The Odyssey isn’t relevant today”
The stupid say
But only look behind
The text and you will find
A very modern tale
Of the sailor who with a mermaid played
And for his stupidity paid.

I Met A Mermaid

I met a mermaid
Who said “be
Not staid,
But come play with me
In yonder raging sea.

We will go
With the flow.
Do not say
For you may have your way
With me
In yonder raging sea”.

I went with the flow
And both mermaid and me
Made free,
And drowned in that sea.