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The Lost Soul

A wiff
Of cheap scent
On bedclothes
For him to sniff
When she goes.

How easy it is to repent
Of the money spent
But, he knows
That when the wine flows
The weak
Will seek
For a she of a certain profession.

Had he belief
He would make his confession
To the priest who knows
Where the lost soul goes
To find a temporary relief
On the Siren’s reef.

The Lost Soul

In the beginning


Is like touching a live wire.

You know

That you mustn’t go

There But desire


And reputation, riches,

Are for a moment forgot

In pleasure’s  hot


And rush.


Later sinning

Becomes habit forming.

The devil is grinning

And there is no chance of reforming.

You fight

At night

Under sweated sheet.

When the morn breaks

The bird takes Flight

Leaving you in defeat.