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Street Cat

The below is dedicated to my friend’s cat:

There once was a wiley street cat
Who liked to do this and that.
When she went out on the town
All her sorrows to drown,
It ended in a scrap!

There once was a wiley street cat
Who liked to do this and that.
She went out on the town
All her sorrows to drown,
With a rat whose name was Matt!

Mother Nature

In thee
I see
And hear
Beauty and cruelty.

The sweetness of birdsong
Brings tears to my eye,
For I
Know that our birdsong
Will not last long.

Some see cruelty
In the cat’s play with the bird,
But have they not heard
That we, in nature see
Our own inhumanity.

A cat
Remains just that,
A cat,
Whilst we …

Humans anthropomorphize
And say, in nature lies
Beauty and cruelty.
But, what we see
Is you and me.

There Was A Young Kitten Named Mitten

There was a young kitten named Mitten
Who was by a mouse smitten.
Said Mitten to the mouse
“Come and live in my house”.
Replied the mouse
“No, I am by no means smitten!”.

When Trigger Met Fanny



Yesterday I went with my owner, Kevin to catch a train into London Victoria. He says he has to go into something called the office. Personally I can’t see why. I mean its much more fun chasing foxes and other wildlife in the park or taking tasty snacks from the shelves in those big stores they call supermarkets. Its most kind of staff to leave eatables just where my nose can reach them …! Anyway I digress. As I was saying, I was at Gipsy Hill station yesterday when this furry tease (she is called Fanny I understand) sat on the Oystercard reader arching her back at me. I wagged my tail furiously but she wasn’t having any of it and kept well out of my way and, to cap it all my owner told me to behave. Fancy telling me to “behave”, butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth (it would be swallowed so fast it wouldn’t have time to melt)! This feline fiend has even got her own Twitter account (https://twitter.com/thegipsyhillcat). Who ever heard of a mere cat having such a thing. I demand one immediately!



Yours disconsolately



Christmas Presents

On the train yesterday I overheard the following conversation between a little girl and her mum.

Little girl, “Can I have a cat for Christmas?”

Mum, “No, you can have turkey like everyone else!”

(Many of the jokes contained in christmas crackers are fairly dire. However a few, such as the above are rather good. This is one which fell out of a Christmas cracker during my work’s Christmas dinner yesterday).