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The Dissolute Poet

I have awoken
Following a night
Of dissolute fruit.
And spoken
Words most polite
Enquiring whether she
Prefers coffee,
Or tea.

She has put on her party shoe,
And I have thought
On is, and ought,
And on what some lonely men do.
We have said goodbye. And I
Have been left with Dowson’s poetry,
And the thought of is, and ought,
And what a man should be.

The Poet and the Prostitute (dedicated to Ernest Christopher Dowson)

Some girls say
“No way”,
(And mean what they say).
But others may,
(For pay)
Remain, for a time,
And forever be,
That anonymous she,
Immortalised in rhyme.

Women, and rhyme, and wine

I have known you for a long time:
Women,, and wine, and rhyme.

The prospect is most fine:
With women, and rhyme, and wine.

The hill does gently decline:
With women,, and rhyme, and wine.

Yet the world is surely divine:
With women, and rhyme, and wine.

Note: I was influenced, I believe, when composing the above poem, by Ernest Christopher Dowson’s “The Poet’s Road” which runs thus:

“Wine and woman and song,

Three things garnish our way:

Yet is day over long.

Lest we do our youth wrong,

Gather them while we may:

Wine and woman and song.

Three things render us strong,

Vine leaves, kisses and bay;

Yet is day over long.

Unto us they belong,

Us the bitter and gay,

Wine and woman and song.

We, as we pass along,

Are sad that they will not stay;

Yet is day over long.

Fruits and flowers among,

What is better than they:

Wine and woman and song?”