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And The Logical Place For A Jar Of Coffee is …

As an author, my mind sometimes wanders from the matter in hand and focuses on my writing. Yesterday I was making coffee. Not a difficult job as it merely entailed opening a jar of instant, spooning in coffee, adding milk and pouring boiling water into the mug. Yet I still managed to complicate this simple process.

“Why is there no milk in my coffee?” I asked myself.

On opening the fridge I discovered a jar of instant coffee comfortably ensconced next to the milk. Now I distinctly remember taking the milk out of the fridge. However instead of pouring milk into the mug I had returned it unopened to the fridge together with the jar of instant coffee!

On another occasion so intent was I on contemplating matters of a literary nature that I added both a tea bag and instant coffee to my mug. Now I am a relatively adventurous soul and am always willing to try out new things. I did, however draw the line at coffee mixed with tea!

I would be interested to hear from authors and readers. Am I alone in my odd coffee making habits?! I suspect others fall prey to the distraction of the book they are working on or reading and do bizarre things. Would you care to share what they are?



A Good Bath

If I should vanish from cyberspace, think only this of me, there is some corner of a Liverpool kitchen where tea should not be drunk while using a laptop …!

Yes I did what most computer users have done at some time or other – I knocked my drink over my laptop. Half a kitchen roll later the machine appears to be none the worse for it’s unexpected bath. I only hope that the tea is not, as I write reeking havoc in the inards of my machine. Well, if I ssuddenly disappear offline for a while you can make an educated guess as to why this has happened …! Fingers crossed that everything will come out in the wash so to speak …



Anyone Fancy A Cup Of …

I do like a nice cup of coffee with milk and if I’m feeling a little naughty in goes a tea spoon of sugar. A few minutes ago I stood in my kitchen spooning coffee into a mug. I added a drop of milk and poured boiling water onto the coffee. The delicious aroma of coffee asailed my nostrils. Soon I would be able to relax with a steaming hot cup of coffee. I stirred the coffee and felt something move in the mug. It was soggy and, obviously wet … I had added a tea bag to the concoction without the fact having registered. I wonder whether I can market coffee with a hint of P G Tips or should that be tea with a delicious flavouring of coffee!

I am pleased to report that I am now enjoying a mug of (just) coffee as I write this!

Anyone for Tea?

One of the great pleasures in life, other than a few pints with close friends, in convivial surroundings, is a nice hot cup of tea. When writing I often sit with a cup of tea close to hand and, from time to time I pause momentarily, remove my fingers from the keyboard and enjoy a sip of that refreshing beverage.   I like my tea with milk and although I have tried to give up sugar, on occasions I succumb to temptation and put sugar in my beverage.

I love tea accept when it goes all over my laptop. Tea and laptops really don’t mix but despite my best of intensions yesterday wasn’t the first time (and it won’t be the last) when I send my favourite hot beverage splish sploshing all over my laptop, desktop and the papers scattered all over my desk. Well the laptop needed a clean anyway and the tea followed by the wipe down with a damp cloth and kitchen towel should have done the trick.

Anyone for a cuppa? I’m just off to make one.