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And The Logical Place For A Jar Of Coffee is …

As an author, my mind sometimes wanders from the matter in hand and focuses on my writing. Yesterday I was making coffee. Not a difficult job as it merely entailed opening a jar of instant, spooning in coffee, adding milk and pouring boiling water into the mug. Yet I still managed to complicate this simple process.

“Why is there no milk in my coffee?” I asked myself.

On opening the fridge I discovered a jar of instant coffee comfortably ensconced next to the milk. Now I distinctly remember taking the milk out of the fridge. However instead of pouring milk into the mug I had returned it unopened to the fridge together with the jar of instant coffee!

On another occasion so intent was I on contemplating matters of a literary nature that I added both a tea bag and instant coffee to my mug. Now I am a relatively adventurous soul and am always willing to try out new things. I did, however draw the line at coffee mixed with tea!

I would be interested to hear from authors and readers. Am I alone in my odd coffee making habits?! I suspect others fall prey to the distraction of the book they are working on or reading and do bizarre things. Would you care to share what they are?



Anyone Fancy A Cup Of …

I do like a nice cup of coffee with milk and if I’m feeling a little naughty in goes a tea spoon of sugar. A few minutes ago I stood in my kitchen spooning coffee into a mug. I added a drop of milk and poured boiling water onto the coffee. The delicious aroma of coffee asailed my nostrils. Soon I would be able to relax with a steaming hot cup of coffee. I stirred the coffee and felt something move in the mug. It was soggy and, obviously wet … I had added a tea bag to the concoction without the fact having registered. I wonder whether I can market coffee with a hint of P G Tips or should that be tea with a delicious flavouring of coffee!

I am pleased to report that I am now enjoying a mug of (just) coffee as I write this!