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When An Elderly Gentleman Named Pat

When an elderly gentleman named Pat
Said, “would you like to play snap?”,
I jumped on his fine old table,
With a young lady called Mable.
And the table leg went snap!


Men seek refuge
In strip bars
From the huge

Girls lose their bras
And men think, “whore”.
Then depart, empty,
As before.

When A Credulous Young Man Named Perks

When a credulous young man named Perks
Said, “a ghost in the basement lurks!”.
I said, “you fool!
That is no ghoul,
It’s the late Edmund Burke’s great works!”.

Thinking of A Girl He’s Never Met

Thinking of a girl he’s never met,
And perhaps he,
Will never see.
Memories of heels and skirts.
And flirts
(Who where not).
Momentary joy, close followed by regret
And pain,
Maybe he
Will do it all again.
But, If so, for what?
A brief hot
A flush
Of pleasure.
Recollections of girl’s scent,
Then repent
At leisure.

When A Young Man Whose Name is Keith

When a young man whose name is Keith
Said, “this life is full of such grief”,
I said, “I have a shoe
Belonging to your new wife Lou,
Our passion was sweet but brief!”.

When A Young Man Named Lot

When a young man named Lot
Said, “I have been shot!”,
I said, “oh my good lord,
I’ve run you through with my sword,
But don’t worry, you haven’t been shot!”.