Hogg’s Poetic Dog

There once was a man named Hogg
Who was famous for his poetic dog.
He lived in the lakes
With ducks and large snakes,
But they say I imagined that Hogg!

19 thoughts on “Hogg’s Poetic Dog

      1. Patty L. Fletcher

        Hey Kevin, you’re welcome.

        I was thinking, have I had you as a featured author on my blog? I don’t believe so. If you’re interested shoot me an email and I’ll send you the packet.

      1. Patty L. Fletcher

        Too much! What is too much? I’m getting ready to make a pot of something right now. LOL. I have three different kinds of tea and two different kinds of coffee.

        Then there’s the Corona beer and two kinds of wine in my frig. LOL.

        Oh and the Pepsi too.

        Writer’s paradise. LOL.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I do enjoy real (filter) coffee, but I lack the patience to brew it, so tend to buy a good quality filter coffee. I have Earl Gray, English Breakfast and Jasmine tea, plus a standard tea (I think P G Tips). Kevin

      1. Patty L. Fletcher

        Hi, King Campbell, A.K.A. Bubba told many stories to me and I wrote them for him.

        Now, Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue is started to do the same.

        I’m betting, if you sit quietly with Apollo he will tell you what is in his heart.

        Happy Bonding and writing with your furry pal.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      My former (now sadly deceased) guide dog Trigger once lay on one of my poetry books! Apollo hasn’t done that yet! As for editing, if he could edit I would save some money!


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