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When I Die

When I die
I wish to do so
Hearing the virile
Wind blow,
And not in some sterile
Hospital wing
Where the living dead
Go to die
And hear not
The wind sing.

The Wind

As I walked home alone
Thinking on my poetry
The wind in the tree
Spoke to me.
Oh how often he
Breaks through
And tells me what is true!

Windy Nights

This morning I awoke at around 4 to hear the wild wind rattling my casements. The sound reminded me of Lockwood, in Wuthering Heights and the terrible evening he spent in the haunted chamber. There was no Kathy moaning that she had been walking the earth these twenty years but the sound of the wind as it shook my windows was as though some unearthly presence was seeking admittance to my dwelling. The gusts blocked out all other sounds, only an untamed beast clawing at my casements could I hear.

When I left my flat at a little after 7:30 the wind had dropped significantly. My guide dog, Trigger paused uncertain as to how he ought to navigate around the odd fallen branch and pile of leaves, however there was no sign in or around Crystal Palace of the devastation which certain casandras predicted.

I reached my local station only to find that there where no trains until at least 10. I called my boss who advised that I return home and take a days leave so here I sit at my desk blogging! I have no idea why the trains where not running. I guess that leaves on the line or, more likely fallen trees where to blame. The walk to the station was a pleasant one so I don’t feel that I wasted the morning.