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May Day

The May Queen
Is in her finery seen,
And many a staid
Will today
Discover another way
Through the dance, as Baccus and Cupid combine
In love and wine.

Is it rude
To call Cupid
How many girls brood
On such things
As they lose themselves in rings?

Come the 1st of May

Come the 1st of May,
Will you stay?
Shall we make romance
Our goal
As we dance around the Maypole?
And demonstrate to God above
Our abiding love?”

“My darling I will stay,
Come the 1st of May.
But you must pay
For my new dress
So as to impress.
Each girl
As I around the Maypole twirl.
Why dearest one, your face shows such distress …”.


In forests green
I have seen
The nymphs play.
Cometh May
They will around the pole
By chance
Some kindred soul
Seeing a special one twirl
Will take a girl
Into his arms
For who can resist the charms
Of beauty fleeting
As the budding rose
Pressed to a young maiden’s nose.
There will be time enough for weeping
When the dance is over
And we are pushing up the clover