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An Exclusive Offer for My Blog’s Readers

In celebration of the coming Easter, I am offering my blog’s readers an exclusive and limited offer.

I have been working with a well known manufacturer of luxury chocolate to produce a selection of my poems in beautifully carved chocolate bars.

Each bar is individually wrapped in a gold wrapper and comes in a high quality and eco friendly wooden box (the wood being produced from fast growing pines which are, of course replaced so as to avoid the dangers of deforestation).

The chocolate bars are delicious so you will be torn between the desire to tuck into them, or put away these limited edition eatables for posterity. Who knows they may, perhaps be valuable and be sold on auction sites when I am pushing up the daisies!

Due to the craftsmanship involved (and, of course my hard work in composing the poems), each bar retails for £20. You can, however buy a set of 5 for a mere £80.

Should you be interested, please contact me as soon as possible as my family and friends have already put in their orders for these highly desirable and limited chocolate bars!

Happy poetry reading and eating!

Which Came First?

The egg breaks
And man takes
His place on this earth.
Be he mighty and proud
Or lost in the crowd,
It is death and rebirth.
He will return to the turf.
The tree from the grave grows
And who knows
Which came first, the egg or the bird

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone. Currently there is no sun in the environs of Upper Norwood. Perhaps he will graciously consent to put in an appearance later today. Well at least it isn’t cold!

Have a wonderful Easter one and all.



PS; as I was about to post this, the sun has indeed sailed into view and is currently shining on the walls of the room which I dignify with the name of study or, to put it another way – my spare bedroom!