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My work featured in Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series Christmas Broadcast

I was delighted to receive an email from Ariadne Sawyer, the producer of The World Poetry Reading Series on Vancouver Co-Op Radio, in which she informs me that my work has been featured in a broadcast on Thursday 20 December, http://www.coopradio.org/content/world-poetry-café-23.

Earlier in the year I was honoured to be interviewed by Ariadne regarding my book “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”, and a segment of that interview appears approximately 20 minutes into the Christmas broadcast, including me reading 3 of the poems from “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”.

To listen to a free sample of “The Writer’s Pen” or to purchase the book on Audible, please visit https://www.audible.com/pd/B07KPN5FCH. “The Writer’s Pen” is also available as a Kindle download and in paperback and can be found here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GD1LBMV/ (Kindle edition), and here https://www.amazon.com/dp/1730814883/ (paperback edition).


Update to my About page

I have updated my About page to include links to the audio book version of ‘The Writers Pen and other poems’. Please visit here for the About page.

For the audio book, please visit here for the UK and here for the US. For Canada, please visit here.

Your chance to win a free audio download of “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” by K Morris, on audible.com

Several weeks ago, I offered my readers the chance to win 2 free downloads of my collection of poems, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” on audible.co.uk. I am now offering you the chance to win 2 free downloads of “The Writer’s Pen” on audible.com. You can find “The Writer’s Pen” here, https://www.audible.com/pd/B07KPN5FCH.

The rules:

1. Anyone who has an account on audible.com (or who is able to use audible.com) can enter.
2. The winners will receive a code enabling him/her to download a free copy of my book from audible.com. Please note, the code will only work on audible.com.
3. In order to enter the competition, please email the answer to the question posed at the end of this post to me at newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com. (The address is rendered thus to defeat spammers). Please put “Competition to win an audio download of The Writer’s Pen in the subject line of your email.
4. The competition will close at 6 pm on Saturday 22 December (UK time).
5. Any entries received after 6 pm on Saturday 22 December 2018 will not be considered.

The question

Which 19th-century author wrote the novel in which Long John Silver and his parrot appear?

“Summer” by K Morris (taken from “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”:

“Summer unlocks
Youthful passion.
Now ‘tis the fashion
For short frocks
And tiny socks.

Some girls barefoot go,
For of a summer’s day,
They little know
That winter snow
Is on its way”.

Is there a difference as regards “reading” and “listening” to a book?

I was somewhat taken back when, several weeks ago, I heard an item on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme concerning reading. This short piece (which I have, unfortunately been unable to find online), consisted of a series of viewpoints as to what constitutes reading and, in particular whether listening to audio books can be construed as reading in the true sense of the word. One listener expressed the view that listening to audio books was not reading, and that anyone who said that they had read a book (when they had, in fact listened to it being read) was “lieing”. Now “lieing” is a very strong word and to my mind was misused by the person who employed it here.

There is, of course a difference (technically speaking) between reading and listening to a book and one may enter into a debate as to whether someone listening to a book has the same experience as the person who turns pages and absorbs the book in print or ebook format.

I, personally feel that there is something very special about handling and reading a book. I also find that my mind is more inclined to wander when listening to (rather than physically turning the pages of) a book. I will sometimes go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea while listening, miss a short segment and not go back as (in my view) I haven’t missed anything of significance. In contrast I will put a physical book down, go and make my tea and return to the bookmarked page ensuring that I have missed nothing of the plot.

Having said the above, I am a huge fan of audio books and believe that to listen to a well narrated book is, in effect to read it. So while the person who described those who say they have “read” a book (when, in fact they have listened to it being read), is technically correct. He is, in point of fact splitting hairs as to concentrate on a book being read is, to all intents and purposes to read it.

So far as my own books are concerned, I must confess that I like the idea of people possessing a physical copy of my work. I see it sitting amongst other books and the feeling of my book being enjoyed, then going to join a library of much loved books to be re-read at a later stage gives me pleasure. I am, however delighted that my latest collection of poems, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” is available in paperback, Kindle and audio formats. Ultimately what matters is that my readers enjoy my work in the format that is most convenient/best suited to their needs and I certainly wouldn’t quibble where a reader to inform me that she had “read” my book when, in fact she had listened to the excellent audio narration of Alex Lee.

As ever, I would welcome the views of my readers. Do you feel that there is a difference between reading and listening to a book? And, if so in what lies that difference?

(For links to all of my books, including the print, Kindle and audio versions of “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” please visit my “About” page, https://newauthoronline.com/about/).

Results of the competition to win an audio download of “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” by K Morris

Further to the announcement of the competition to win an audio download of my book “The Writer’s Pen and Other poems, which closed at 5 pm on Friday 7 December, I am delighted to announce that Zoe, of Zurkpoetry (https://zurkpoetry.wordpress.com) has woon a copy of my book. Many congratulations to Zoe!

To listen to a free sample of “The Writer’s Pen”, or to purchase the audio book please visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KPPG98M/.

How to request that your book is added to the catalogue of theUnited Kingdom’s National Poetry Library

If you are a UK-based poet, did you know that you can ask the National Poetry Library to consider adding your works to their catalogue. To find out how to request that the Library consider adding your work, please see below.

Having published “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”, on 3 September 2018, contacting The National Poetry Library is on my list of things to do. (You can find “The Writer’s Pen” here, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GD1LBMV.

“My poetry book is published. How do I make sure the library has a copy?

Firstly check our catalogue to make sure we don’t already have a copy.

If it’s not there, please bear in mind that we receive 200-300 new items every month and are unable to accept everything that is sent for the collection.

The Acquisitions Panel meet regularly to consider submissions.

For your book to be considered, please send in a copy including a return address; the librarians will consider it and respond to you.

Please send one book at a time. We have standing orders with most of the UK poetry publishers.

If you are a new publisher who would like to submit your books please get in touch.

We are primarily concerned with collecting UK and Irish publications so please contact us before sending publications from overseas.

Please get in touch”.

FAQ:  https://www.nationalpoetrylibrary.org.uk/visit/faqs.


Competition to win a free audio download of “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”

To celebrate the release of the audio edition of “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”, on 29 November, (www.audible.co.uk/pd/The-Writers-Pen-and-Other-Poems-Audiobook/B07KPPQ2K2), I am offering 2 free copies of the audio edition to readers who are based in the United Kingdom. I hope to run a similar offer for readers elsewhere in the near future.


The rules:


  1. There are 2 free audio downloads of “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” available to readers based in the UK.
  2. The first 2 people to email me with the correct answer to the question posed at the end of this post will receive a promotional code enabling them to download my book free from audible.co.uk.
  3. Emails should be sent to newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com with the subject line “competition to win an audio download of The Writer’s Pen”. Please note, the email address is rendered thus to defeat spammers!
  4. Please do not provide the answer in the comments section at the foot of this post, as other readers will be able to read it!
  5. The competition closes at 5 pm (UK time) on Friday 7th December 2018.


The question:


Who wrote the poem which begins, “You are old Father William, the young man said”.