How to request that your book is added to the catalogue of theUnited Kingdom’s National Poetry Library

If you are a UK-based poet, did you know that you can ask the National Poetry Library to consider adding your works to their catalogue. To find out how to request that the Library consider adding your work, please see below.

Having published “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”, on 3 September 2018, contacting The National Poetry Library is on my list of things to do. (You can find “The Writer’s Pen” here,

“My poetry book is published. How do I make sure the library has a copy?

Firstly check our catalogue to make sure we don’t already have a copy.

If it’s not there, please bear in mind that we receive 200-300 new items every month and are unable to accept everything that is sent for the collection.

The Acquisitions Panel meet regularly to consider submissions.

For your book to be considered, please send in a copy including a return address; the librarians will consider it and respond to you.

Please send one book at a time. We have standing orders with most of the UK poetry publishers.

If you are a new publisher who would like to submit your books please get in touch.

We are primarily concerned with collecting UK and Irish publications so please contact us before sending publications from overseas.

Please get in touch”.



7 thoughts on “How to request that your book is added to the catalogue of theUnited Kingdom’s National Poetry Library

  1. Matthew Wright

    It’s interesting that this has to be by application. In New Zealand, publishers are legally required to send everything published to the main government library – the National Library. Self-publishers count as publishers under the law and must also comply. It’s actually handy because it creates a verifiable catalogue, independently, of everything New Zealand authors produce – useful indeed for copyright purposes. I guess the difference is that the UK’s National Poetry Library isn’t a statutory body.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Many thanks for your comment, Matthew. The UK does operate a similar system known as Legal Deposit. Under this a copy of every publication produced in the UK must be submitted to the British Library. Additionally 5 other libraries can request a copy. You can find out more here,

      As you say, the National Poetry Library is not a statutory institution.

      Best wishes – Kevin


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