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On The Aisle Of Lesbos

On the aisle of Lesbos its all Greek
To the men who seek
And sand.
But the Euro may command
A goddess’s hand,
And cause her to smile
And speak
The tourist’s language for a while.


The Gods Have Left Mount Olympus

The gods have left Mount
Olympus. Zeus grits his teeth
At the lack of belief,
While Venus haggles over a discount
On second hand clothes.
And Heaven only knows
Where the world goes.

Penelope’s Complaint

Don’t give me all this stuff about sacking Troy.

You have been shacked up with some girl or boy!

You spin me a line

About men turned into swine.

I am sick of hearing of Circe

And your struggle to be free

Of her.

I’m fed up with affair after affair!

As for that painted nymph

On a plinth


No doubt she let you go

When she saw how you guzzle your food

In a manner most rude.

Or was she a prude

And was it your language so crude

That caused her to shout

And throw you out?!

Be off once more to the sea

I want to be free

Of thee!




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