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What Does That Blind Man Do

What does that blind man do
Gazing through
Empty space
As though he could trace
In thin air
Something you and me
Dare not see?

Walking back from the park,
His thoughts dark.
A sense of grief
At the lack of belief.
Then came the wind chimes,
Signifying nought but rhymes?

If I Told You What I Believe

If I told you what I believe would you call me a reactionary? A liberal, a socialist or some other name?
What would you gain
By labelling me an old stick-in-the mud
Who would
Put the clock back if he could?
Is that in fact what I wish to do,
For you may my words misconstrue
And find I play a game with you!

If you read my poetry through
From cover to cover
You may discover
That my view
Is of a world full of shades of grey,
So, I say
Enjoy when I tease
But please
Do not on my words seize
And put a label on me
For I am free
And simply me.

The Garden

Warm summer days.

The haze

of belief.

Time is a thief

that steals

our ideals.

The secluded garden.

Ideas that harden.

The truth


doth know

Oft ends in woe.

A book.

The path forsook.

The backward look

to a place

lost in mist

he can not resist.