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Updated Gravitar and profile!

At long last I have updated both my Gravitar and profile. The generic Gravitar has now been replaced with a photograph of my guide dog Trigger and I.

I am often struck when clicking on the Gravitars of bloggers who visit my site, by how many of them do not have links to their blog, social media, etc. This makes it difficult to follow them.

Of course, it is up to individuals as to what information they include on their profile, however, the lack of data may be the difference between a new follower or a missed opportunity.


Why Is No One Sharing My Content?


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In the below post references to sharing do not include copying content (unless, of course you have the content owner’s permission to do so). By sharing I mean utilising options such as Twitter and the WordPress reblogging facility.

Your blog is full of great content but no one is sharing it. That is wholly inexplicable, right? Well in some cases you may be unlucky and, if you fall into this category I wish you the very best of luck in future for there is nothing more frustrating than one’s content being ignored.
Most blogs and/or sites have buttons allowing content to be easily shared. For example my blog (newauthoronline.com) allows sharing via a number of channels including Twitter, Facebook and, of course reblogging. I have, however come across blogs lacking any facility to share content. In such instances the person wishing to share has no option other than to copy the link into a post on their own site and share in this manner. This can be time consuming and in many instances can lead to a blogger who would otherwise have shared content deciding not to do so.
It is, of course a matter for site owners to determine what sharing buttons (if any) appear on their site. However the absence of easy options to share can (and often does) prevent informative and/or entertaining content from being shared. Shares can equal new readers so by not utilising sharing buttons site owners are limiting the growth of their site’’s readership.


When Guests Demand

The below is not aimed at the overwhelming majority of those who request to guest post on Newauthoronline, The vast majority of whom I feel privileged to host. It is aimed at the minority who seek to abuse the opportunities offered by me and my fellow bloggers.



I have always considered it an honour when blog owners agree to publish a guest post authored by me. I know from running my own blog that site owners are often extremely busy and it can be a time consuming business liaising with potential guest posters.

Most guests are politeness itself and I am privileged to have published a number of great articles by wonderful people. I have, however noticed a worrying trend with people contacting me saying words to the effect of

“I require one back link in return for my article and/or post”.

My Guest Post Submission guidelines (http://newauthoronline.com/guest-post-submissions/) already make it crystal clear that links to a poster’s website and other social media are welcome. Point 4 of the Guidelines reads

“Please do include links to your books, social media etc”.

Anyone taking the trouble to read the above will know that back links are positively encouraged. The fact a minority are not picking up on this indicates they are not taking the trouble to read my (and, I suspect) other site owner’s guest post guidelines. Furthermore it demonstrates a degree of rudeness. Such people are, in effect saying

“You are honoured that I am contacting you and it behoves you, as the blog owner to include whatever I ask you to”.

Sorry, but the person accepting the guest post is the host. One does not go into another’s home and demand such and such, nor should one do this when approaching bloggers.

Unfortunately I suspect I will receive further such rude requests and, from now on I will consign them to my deleted items folder.