A Young Lady Living in a Box

A young lady living in a box
One day lost all of her socks.
She had to search high and low,
Which is strange, as I happen to know,
That she lives in a very small box!

5 thoughts on “A Young Lady Living in a Box

  1. littlebitofpoetry

    Hi Kevin, it’s me Mentje. I found your blog again! I’m the one with the blind sighted mother with an assistance and guide dog in one 😅 How are you these days? How are you dealing with the quarantine? Guessing you’ve been writing a lot? Best wishes, Samantha (my real name)

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Hi Samantha. Its good to hear from you. I am well, thanks and hope all is good with you? Because of the nature of my day job I can work from home as the vast majority of it entails the use of a laptop. Whilst I’ve been keeping in touch with friends via email, over the phone and Zoom the lack of polaces to go and socialise makes life rather tedious at times, (all restaurants, pubs etc are closed although some restaurants are still doing takeaways). Some countries seem to have managed to reopen restaurants (or are in the process of doing so, albeit with social distancing in place), however it looks as though it will be a long time before such places are reopened here in the UK. How are things in the Netherlands? From my limited understanding I understand that you have not had a complete lockdown, is that right? Best wishes, Kevin

      1. K Morris Poet Post author

        I meant to add, yes I am writing a lot. In fact I should pause the writing and get on with pulling together a collection of my humorous verses!

      2. littlebitofpoetry

        Hi! Well, some stores are open
        But the restaurants and pubs are closed. We here in the Netherlands are all tired of lack of social interaction and staying at home. I gained weight too, when I’m trying to lose it! I’m happy when all of this is over. But I have to say. Due to the quarantine I started a new blog and started working on my novel. So at least I got that going for me. I also keep in touch with friends via zoom and whatsapp. But it gets boring and is quite the hassle sometimes. Wishing you the best is these harsh times!

      3. K Morris Poet Post author

        I’m glad that you are keeping in touch with friends on Watsap and Zoom. I have a weekly “Happy Hour” with friends on Zoom, during which we chat and have a beer or glass of wine. But, as you say its not the same as actually being with friends.

        The situation in the Netherlands sounds similar to that here in the UK, although it appears that you have more stores open in your country than we do here in the UK.

        Good luck with the novel and your new blog and stay safe and well.

        Best wishes, Kevin

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