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The Brexit Party Romps Home

The Brexit
Party romps home
Clamouring for the exit
While I (far from alone)
Retain a fading hope for remain.

Boris Johnson spoke of “polishing a turd”.
Those who shout loudest are to often heard.
The word is brexit.
We are heading for the exit,
Yet I retain
A fading hope for remain.


The English Oak

When Brexit has been and gone
The English oak will live on
And continue to provide sanctuary
Under it’s all-embracing shade
To lad and maid
Of every race. For a tree
Does not discriminate, or hate.

An Elderly Brexiteer

An elderly Brexiteer called Mia
Said “I have no fear
Of leaving the EU
For the sky tis deep blue!”.

A Remainer named Sue
Made reply
“The sky
Tis turning black
Best take your mack!”.

I sat back
And thought
Ought I
To say “one of you
Does lie
For it can not be true
That the sky
Is both black and blue.