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Sometimes I wish that “progress” would stop

Sometimes I wish that “progress”
Would stop,
Like the express
Train at Adlestrop,
But it will not.

Note: The above was inspired by Edward Thomas’s fine poem, “Adlestrop”, https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/53744/adlestrop


Does the grandfather clock’s pendulum
Still, with measured swing
A sense of order bring
To that country place
Where a mantion’s stately grace,
Brought peace,
For a while at least.

I would resile
This urban life
Of strife,
And solace take
In the birds who awake
At morn.

We are from tradition torn,
And shorn
Of a sense of the past
Wander in a vast
Where the sleepless screen does rule
And institutions are thrown away
For they belong to yesterday.


Beautiful mountains, their peaks pointing to the sky.

I would die

for the chance to climb

That track sublime.

Would that I could sally

Into the verdant valley

That nessles between

Those hills green.

Oh to drink from the life giving stream,

Which does flow

Where few may go.

I can but dream.


I have been a little remiss in failing to upload a photograph of myself. I do intend to add a picture to my profile, however in the meantime you may wish to take a look at the below link which shows photographs (including of yours truly) taken during a visit to the New Forest http://kevin-morris.co.uk/2012/07/15/photographs-my-visit-to-the-new-forest/