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An interruption

As many of you will know, I gave my first reading at Poetry Unplugged (hosted by the Poetry Café), on Tuesday 22 March. All of the audience where respectful of their fellow attendees, with the exception of one who caused a disturbance. The below poem is about that reprehensible individual!

It is late.
I stand up to read
And hear the rattle of a plate!
Who could be so rude
As to intrude
In to my first reading?!
‘Tis one of the audience who are feeding!

You my four legged friend
Can not pretend
It wasn’t you
Your appetite
Did sate
When you ate
A cake!

Surely Trigger
Your stomach grows bigger.
You must have no soul
For you gobbled a cake, whole!

Of poets and virgins

Yesterday evening (Tuesday 22 March) saw me with fellow poet, Toby Wheeler at Poetry Unplugged (http://poetrysociety.org.uk/event/poetry-unplugged-2/2016-03-29/). Poetry Unplugged is a weekly event, hosted by the Poetry Café, affording poets the opportunity to read their work. Yesterday evening was my first time reading at Poetry Unplugged, however I was not alone in this as a number of other “virgins” (the label applied by the host to we first timers)! Also read their work.
Those wishing to read had to register between 6-7 pm, with the open mic session starting at 7:30. There where 34 readers and given the significant interest in participating each poet was allowed a slot of 4 minutes duration. I think this was entirely fair as it afforded all those wishing to participate an opportunity to do so.
I read the following poems from my recently released collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”:
“Leaves Blown at Night”
And “Raining”.
In addition I read my poem “Midnight”, which appears in my collection of poetry and prose, “Dalliance”.

The atmosphere in the Poetry Café was warm and friendly with everyone wishing to read being given a fair crack of the whip. It was great to be introduced to the voices of so many unfamiliar poets and hear my friend and fellow poet, Toby Wheeler read his work.
If you are interested in attending Poetry Unplugged, either as a reader or a member of the audience please see the above link for details (you don’t need to book. Those wishing to read should sign-up between 6-7 pm, prior to reading commencing at 7:30 pm).

For details of my collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind” please visit http://moyhill.com/lost/. For details of “Dalliance” please go to http://amzn.com/B00QQVJC7E.

I am reading at the Poetry Cafe tomorrow (Tuesday 22 March)

As announced on 9 March, I will be reading at the Poetry Café, 22 Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London, on Tuesday 22 March.

Poems will be taken from my recently released collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”, which is available in print and electronic formats (http://moyhill.com/lost/).

If you are in the vicinity of Covent Garden, it would be wonderful to see you at the Poetry Café. Kevin

Poetry Unplugged (Tuesday 22 March)

kevin-morris-and-his-guidedog-trigger     Toby Wheeler

I am planning to attend the Poetry Unplugged event, together with fellow poet Toby Wheeler, on Tuesday 22 March and read some of my poetry.

The event takes place at the Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street in London’s Covent Garden.

If you are in the vicinity it would be great to see you there.

For details of Poetry Unplugged please click HERE.