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Many skirt
The issue.
The time is short
And dearly bought.
A tissue
Of lies
And midnight sighs.

A girl growing up forsook
The straight path and took
A step down a perilous track.
One may turn back
But many lack
The will.

In the still
Of night
For one.
A soul is gone
And time rolls on.

Greying hairs.
She swears
All is not lost
And counts the cost
Of fixed smiles
And denials
No longer believed
By those she deceives.

Her Mother’s Daughter

Your mother’s daughter, she is proud of you, but does not see what you do. She does not see her daughter sweet stripped, stark naked from head to feet. She does not see the massage oil, her little girl bringing a naked man to the boil. She does not see him pawing you, the disgust on your face, but what can you do? For, after all he is paying you. She can not look inside your head, see what thoughts trouble you as you lie in your own bed. Could she see inside your brain, the world would reel, her heart fill with pain. Your mother knows not what you do, perhaps that is best for both her and you.