Her Mother’s Daughter

Your mother’s daughter, she is proud of you, but does not see what you do. She does not see her daughter sweet stripped, stark naked from head to feet. She does not see the massage oil, her little girl bringing a naked man to the boil. She does not see him pawing you, the disgust on your face, but what can you do? For, after all he is paying you. She can not look inside your head, see what thoughts trouble you as you lie in your own bed. Could she see inside your brain, the world would reel, her heart fill with pain. Your mother knows not what you do, perhaps that is best for both her and you.

7 thoughts on “Her Mother’s Daughter

  1. oliveseraphim

    This is fucking horrible. This entire project is vile. What the fuck are you even doing creating a whole project about sex workers as a non-sex worker based on shitty stereotypes, asinine paternalistic bullshit and inane drivel? As a sex worker myself, this is gross. For the sake of humanity, please stop. You are propagating stereotypes and lies about us and this causes us DIRECT HARM. STOP STEREOTYPING SEX WORKERS. Stop speaking for us. We can speak for ourselves.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I do not claim to speak on behalf of sex workers nor am I creating a project on sex work.
      I am deeply concerned regarding your view that only those engaged in sex work have a right to express opinions on prostitution. In a democracy everyone has a right to exercise free speech however much you (or anyone else) may disagree with the opinions being expressed. If we follow the logic of your argument then only black people have the right to express opinions regarding blacks, only white people concerning whites etc. As someone who is blind I may disagree with some of the views expressed regarding visually impaired people, I do not however dispute the right of others to express their opinions. The stifling of debate helps no one and I do not wish to live in a society in which intolerant bigots dictate to others what can and can not be said.

      1. oliveseraphim

        yes, in a democracy everyone does have the right to express their opinion, and I am expressing my opinion that this entire project is vile and you should be ashamed of yourself. The fact that you aren’t a sex worker means you have absolutely NO BASIS on which to create this garbage and you are directly contributing to shitty stereotypes and stigma that we experience. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Also your race analogy is um, racist. No, white people should NOT speak about issues that affect the Black because *it’s not our place*, just like it’s not your place to speak about sex worker. I am so sorry you feel that my criticism is stifling you but your privilege is choking me and your bullshit is contributing to societal attitudes that lead to criminalization, whorephobia, stigma and even the DEATH of ACTUAL SEX WORKERS. I am so sorry that your little feelings are more important than OUR ACTUAL LIVES.

      2. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        Thank you for your comment. If you read my blog you will see that I explicitly state, on numerous occasions that sex workers have a right to sell personal services and that legal prohibitions should be removed as regards adults engaged in prostitution. I explicitly repudiate the Swedish model under which those who pay for sex are penalised as it helps neither clients or sex workers. You state that only sex workers should speak on behalf of their fellow workers. Sex workers are, as you know by no means a uniform community. While many sex workers champion decriminalisation of sex work others (mainly former sex workers) call for people who pay for sex to be criminalised so who, exactly in the sex worker community speaks on behalf of working men and women? If white people (For example William Wilberforce) had not argued for the abolition of slavery this barbaric practice would have continued for longer than it did. Wilberforce rightly spoke on behalf of the predominantly black (disempowered) slaves and the world is a better place for him and other individuals having done so. Again, as a disabled person I know that the work of both disabled and non-disabled individuals, including politicians has helped to make the lives of people with disabilities better in terms of anti discrimination legislation. If you persist in your view that only sex workers can speak on behalf of sex workers you will be going up a dead end alley.

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