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The Things Men Do

The things men do,
The words they say,
Little thinking that they must pay.
The secret trist.
Man can not resist.
perfume on a girl’s wrist.
A stray hair
upon the stair.
You swear
she wasn’t there.
The crumpled bed.
The dread
of neighbours who tell
How they heard the bell
ring late
and reveal
the click of heel
On stair.
You swear
She wasn’t there!

I am

I am the one you pass without a second glance.

I am the one who can dance

my feet

moving to a forbidden beat.

I am the work that keeps him late

While at home you wait.

I am the scent that lingers

On fingers.

I am a smile

A guilty denial.

I am the bump that grows

Fingers and toes.

I am new life.

You are his wife.


I Am The Girl Who Wasn’t There

I am the girl who wasn’t there.

I did not sit upon that chair,

playing provocatively with my hair.

I did not drink that expensive wine,

While gazing on your paintings fine.

I did not recline under the quilt so red,

Or moan with exstasy in your bed.

If by chance, an earing she should find,

Worry not, it is not mine.