A Small Island in a Great Sea

A small island in a great sea.

Once, half the world was painted red

And we engaged in slavery.

It is so often said

That the British Empire did no good.

Yet, (having abolished slavery), we patrolled seas

Stopping those who still engaged

In the cruel slave trade.


As I stood

In this remnant

Of the Great

North Wood

I thought on those who hate

This country.



Now our former colonies are free

To have their own mess

(Or progress.

And we

Have the cold sea

And what we

Call progress.


12 thoughts on “A Small Island in a Great Sea

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m sorry we sent you our rainy weather, Michael! But after the dry summer we do need the rain!
      Coming from the north of England (Liverpool where it is usually a couple of degrees cooler than London), I do like the cooler weather, but I appreciate it is not to everybody’s taste!

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