What is Sin?

What is sin?
A girl’s smile.
And the clink of coin.

And is there heaven
And hell?
Heaven is her smile.
And will you find
Hell behind?
Will not tell.
And he
Will find
In women and wine
That heaven
And hell
In the chink
Of coin.

Angels dance on a pin,
And philosophers ask, “is there sin?
And the priest hears confession
Of an ancient profession.
Though some say farming is older.
And a girl’s bare shoulder
Tempts man into the descent
To heaven and hell.

And within
Is pleasure,
Or sin.
(perhaps they are the same).

A coin
On the collection plate.
Then, later, Lou or Kate
For coin.
And smile while
The world continues to spin.

6 thoughts on “What is Sin?

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your kind words about my blog. I am an agnostic so don’t know whether god exists. I do, however respect your perspective and I’m interested in it. Best wishes. Kevin


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