A Poem for November 5th (Bonfire Night)

In honour of bonfire or Guy Fawkes Night, I am reproducing below my poem “Catherine Wheel”, which can be found in “The Selected Poems of K Morris”:

Catherine Wheel
Sometimes I feel
Like a Catherine wheel;
My words as sparks,
Lighting the dark.
But who in December
The fifth of November?

“The Selected Poems of K Morris” is available as a Kindle download or in paperback from Amazon, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WW8WXPP/ and https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WW8WXPP/.

4 thoughts on “A Poem for November 5th (Bonfire Night)

  1. larry trasciatti

    Because of me lifelong interest in both the Catholic Church’s history, and John Lennon, I’ve always known about the 5th of November, but I must have plum forgotten somehow, unfortunately, about the Catherine Wheel.

  2. V.M.Sang

    I remember Catherine Wheels, too, but nit why they are so called. Who was Catherine, and why did she give her name to this firework?
    Anyway, I enjoyed your poem.


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