General Election Day

Today is general election day.
The sun must
Rise on Johnson or Corbyn.
Soon, manifestos will gather dust,
Or be re-read with a cynical grin
By people who will say,
“You promised such and such
On election day”.
Then, in disgust
They will throw the thing away.
Oh the joy
For girl and boy
Of yet, another, election day!

6 thoughts on “General Election Day

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Indeed it will, Eric. The reports I’ve read thus far indicate that its a huge turn-out which is, of course good for democracy. I voted by post several weeks ago, now its a case of waiting for the result. Thanks for commenting. Best, Kevin

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m glad you voted Eric, and that you avoided the rain. That is an impressive period of time to be married for – my congratulations on your long marriage! I was interested to hear that you and your wife voted differently until yesterday. I stayed up until around 1:30 am listening to the results come in. All the best, Kevin

    3. K Morris Poet Post author

      Hope you have a good nights sleep on going to bed this evening, Eric! I awoke at about 7:20 and started listening again and have just heard the coverage on Radio 4’s “The World at 1”. Best, Kevin


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