The Poets Rest

A publican whose name is Best
Runs a pub called the Poets Rest.
It is full of great débauche
And I think that perhaps I ought,
To stop drinking in the Poets Rest!

A barmaid whose name is Best
Works in the Poets Rest.
It is full of great débauche
So I think that I ought
Not to tell the rest!

12 thoughts on “The Poets Rest

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Haha! That’s sometimes the best way, & thank you, Kevin! I’m glad I’m finally able to read & comment on folks posts again, without endless pop-ups obscuring my reply window. Long story, but very frustrating, so much so that I gave up trying in the end. Anyway, all sorted now, after help from WordPress & reinstalling the app on my phone…technology eh!

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Thank you, Kevin. I was beginning to wonder what on earth to do next to stop the problems. I do dislike being out of the loop of reading other folks posts, & commenting, as well as not being able to post anything myself, without great difficulty. Hopefully, it won’t happen again! Have a great weekend, Kevin!

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