All Heels, and Hair

All heels, and hair
And legs.
No beds
For him,
Just dreams of sin
With her
Who does care
Not for him.

8 thoughts on “All Heels, and Hair

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Lorraine. I guess that it is, as you say sad. However I had not thought of it in that way, so its interesting to get your perspective, Best wishes – Kevin

  1. blindzanygirl

    I feel that a lot of things that seem to be one thing on the surface can contain some element of sadness within them. Even humour like my limicks can, if you look for it, have a sad Side. Though it is never my intention to create sadness. I think that life in general can have tragi/comedy within it. But that is just my own thinking.

      1. blindzanygirl

        Very true. I have often said this too, in very different ways maybe. It is all very interesting. And your poetry book is wonderful. I would do a Review on it but I am so useless at doing things like that. I would try though, for it deserves promoting. I have not finished it yet but am very impressed with what I have read.

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