There Once Was A Man Who Ate Glue

There once was a man who ate glue,
Which was a very strange thing to do!
When they asked, “is it nice?”
He tried to speak twice,
But he was unable, due to the glue!

20 thoughts on “There Once Was A Man Who Ate Glue

      1. blindzanygirl

        Oh dear Kevin. We had a friend in Derbyshire called Roy. We took him out for lunch one Sunday, and he regaled us with loads of tales about people who had come to sticky ends. Many walked into the reservoir which we were sitting by, and most of them came from Chapel en le Frith where we lived. It got calked the Suicide Capital of the High Peak! Fortunately we got out alive! Lol

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        I am glad you got out alive, Lorraine! Its sad when people feel the need to end their lives, but its also interesting the many and diverse ways in which they choose to do so. In London it often seems to entail throwing oneself in front of a train, which often leads to horrific injuries with some of those injured not dying immediately, or loosing limbs but surviving.

      3. blindzanygirl

        Oh dear Kevin. The problem with that also is that it has a terrible effect upon the drivers of the trains. Also throwing yourself off a motorway bridge in front of vehicles has the same effect. I have a friend who used to go out into the North Sea as a fisherman. He said that the sea is very โ€œdrawingโ€ and that many men just went to join the sea and of course drowned. Apparently it is quite mesnerising. I think I will stick to rivers! Not drowning in them though, although many have, around here. The River Trent, sadly, is a great draw. It is awful that people reach that state, as my best friend did, who jumped off Keadby Bridge into the Trent ๐Ÿ˜ž

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Yes, I can understand why people are drawn to water, Lorraine. The sea is a great and powerful force, but needs to be treated with the upmost respect as do rivers. More needs to be done to tackle suicide, however one can never wholly eliminate it. Indeed there is an argument (admittedly a very delicate one) in favour of allowing those in unbearable pain to end their lives (but with very strict safeguards in place). This is, I know particularly controversial as it was so horrendously abused in the Third Reich when disabled people where murdered by the Nazis on the grounds that they where “life unworthy of living” and “useless eaters”. Kevin

      1. blindzanygirl

        Thanks Kevin. Yes, I know about the Third Reich and their philosophy. I know the arguments for and against assisted suicide. I will add that it is an easy path to abuse. I have written of this before on WP but when I had cancer and was very sick, my mother tried to get me to go to Switzerland for assusted suicide, saying that we were a small family and that the family could not cope. So, it was my duty, for the familyโ€™s sake to go to Switzerland. I did tell the hospice nedical director anout this, and she advised me of what to do. But that is the slippery slope that you can end up on. It could not have come to pass for me, because of controls. So the controls are very necessary. This can occur so easily when a person is weak, sick, and vulnerable, as I was then. I wrote a poem about it once, and people were shocked, but sometimes the truth IS shocking. Yes, rivers can definitely be a pull too

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        I am shocked by what you say about your mother, Lorraine. Any decision to end a life should only be taken by the individual concerned (when they are of sound mind) and in no way whatsoever should others pressure vulnerable people into making such a (highly personal) decision. Do you still have your post/poem Lorraine? I would like to read it. I am, of course very pleased that you are still with us! Kevin

      3. blindzanygirl

        Thankyou Kevin. Sadly, my mother was never what you would call a motherly mother. It happened. It shocked even me. It shocked others. But you see, this is why strict controls are needed when assisted suicide is put in place legally. I was savvy enough to resist, but some people are not. I will try and find the poem for you Kevin.

      4. blindzanygirl

        I have just posted it on my blig Kevin. It is a piem that hopefully demonstrates the psychological pressure that can be put on people. This is how it was for me. Ni have put a Trigger Warning on it.

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