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Writing Together

As is so often said, writing is a solitary activity. Whilst I relish the company of family and friends, I require solitude to write.

My love of solitude does, I believe go back to childhood/my teenage years. I remember, on my 18th birthday saying “goodnight” to everyone who had come to celebrate with me and going to bed! Well it was late and I was tired, and I’m not a party animal!

Returning to the subject of writing. In my place of work we have a creative writing group. Recently it was decided to set aside an hour during which people could go online (using Microsoft Teams) and write together. People can share their writing (or not as they wish), and most people sit in silence for the whole hour.

The below poem was composed yesterday during one of these sessions:

“Listening to the falling
The same
Thought; This rain
Will remain.
And, when I am gone
I shall be as one,
With the rain.”

I would be interested to know whether any of my readers have written together, whether online or whilst in the same physical space?