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Copyright Infringement, Again!

From time to time, I Google my books to ascertain whether any of them have received a mention, for example in the form of a book review. Whilst searching for one of my titles yesterday (Wednesday 10th July), I came across a link to the book on Kiss Library.

All of my books (with the exception of Guide Dogs Anthology), are available from Amazon and (in the case of “My Old Clock I Wind“, and “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind“, also from Moyhill Publishing. I have never authorised Kiss Library to sell any of my books.

I was, obviously concerned to discover that Kiss Library is offering one of my works for sale without my permission. Firstly (as already stated) I never granted that organisation permission to sell any of my titles, and, secondly any funds from such sales will not be going into my bank account!

Given my concerns I Googled Kiss Library which threw up this link, https://www.dalecameronlowry.com/piracy-alert-seller-stealing-books-kisslibrary-com/. The post details a number of instances where authors have discovered their books on sale at Kiss Library without their permission. Kiss Library state (in the comments following on from the article) that they have suspended a number of users who have illegally uploaded books in breech of the author’s copyright and there are indications from authors that their works have indeed been removed following the submission of a DMCA. However the post linked to above was written in 2017 but the comments show that in 2018 authors where still experiencing problems with Kiss Library, (indeed, in 2019 I found one of my works offered for sale without my permission on Kiss’s site).

Authors may wish to check Kiss Library’s website to ascertain whether any of their works are being offered for sale without their permission.

You can find a useful article on how to submit a DMCA take down notice here, https://sarafhawkins.com/how-to-file-dmca-takedown/.

For another helpful article on copyright infringement you may wish to check out this article, https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/authors-resources-central/copyright-infringement-actions-to-take/.

My thanks to Chris Graham (AKA The Story Reading Ape) for drawing both of the forgoing to my attention.


Copyright Infringement (An Update)

Earlier today (6 March 2019), I posted about the illegal uploading of my book, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” to Youtube. In that post I explained how the issue had been reported by me to Youtube. My thanks to everyone who commented on the earlier article and shared it via WordPress and Twitter.

I am pleased to let you know that Youtube have taken down the illegally uploaded segment of my book, and a message now appears stating that the content was removed due to a copyright claim by myself.

I reported the infringement to Youtube at approximately 7 pm (UK time) yesterday evening, and received notification that the content had been removed earlier this evening. Given the number of copyright infringements with which Youtube deals, I am pleased at how quickly they dealt with my takedown request.

(For me reading the title poem from “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” which is, appropriately enough entitled “The Writer’s Pen”, please see below),

Copyright Infringement

It is said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. I was reminded of this much used (and abused) saying when I discovered that someone has (without my permission) uploaded a segment of the audio version of my book, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” to Youtube. This is, of course a clear violation of my copyright and I have, therefore reported the matter to Youtube. (Anyone who finds that their work is appearing, without their permission on Youtube can report copyright violation here, https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2807622?hl=en-GB. Please note, I have not given the URL containing the infringing material as I do not wish to drive traffic to the infringer’s Youtube channel.

The Writer’s Pen” was published in September 2018, and the audio edition (narrated by Alex Lee, and available from Audible here https://www.audible.com/pd/B07KPN5FCH in November of that same year. As all users of Audible will be aware, anyone considering purchasing a book can, prior to purchasing, listen to a sample of the work in question. In the case of the illegal upload of my copyrighted work, the person uploading “The Writer’s Pen” indicates that the whole book is available (for free). However he (or she) has, in fact uploaded the sample segment of my book and stated that the whole work can be obtained at a site offering audio books. In fact the uploader eroneously names a website (other than Audible), and on investigating the site in question no search results are returned for “The Writer’s Pen”.

As stated at the start of this post, my copyright in “The Writer’s Pen” has been infringed and this issue has been raised with Youtube. I am, however puzzled as to the motives of the uploader. Why should they name an incorrect site as the source for the audio version of my book? Are they, perhaps seeking to drive traffic to that other site in the hope that people will purchase downloads there? I don’t know. However I suspect that this may well be the case.

I also wonder why only the sample segment from Audible was uploaded. In this instance, I suspect the answer is that the uploader did not wish to purchase my book, which they would need to do where they to have uploaded it in it’s entirety. The sample is, however free to access and is, therefore an easy target for anyone wishing to infringe copyright.

I will update this blog when I hear back from Youtube.


Copyright Infringement

I was concerned to see that my collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”, which is legally available on Amazon only (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AF5EPVY), is (seemingly) being offered on the website of Lilplay, (http://www.wcano.com/lost-in-the-labyrinth.html), without my consent.
A search for Lilplay brings up an extremely high number of customer complaints, including those by authors who state that their copyright is being infringed by Lilplay.
In terms of resolving this matter, I will be following the advice set out in this helpful link, (http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/authors-resources-central/copyright-infringement-actions-to-take/), which is, in essence to submit a DMCA via the ISP of the company hosting the copyright infringing material. My thanks to The Story Reading Ape for this helpful resource.