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Copyright Infringement, Again!

From time to time, I Google my books to ascertain whether any of them have received a mention, for example in the form of a book review. Whilst searching for one of my titles yesterday (Wednesday 10th July), I came across a link to the book on Kiss Library.

All of my books (with the exception of Guide Dogs Anthology), are available from Amazon and (in the case of “My Old Clock I Wind“, and “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind“, also from Moyhill Publishing. I have never authorised Kiss Library to sell any of my books.

I was, obviously concerned to discover that Kiss Library is offering one of my works for sale without my permission. Firstly (as already stated) I never granted that organisation permission to sell any of my titles, and, secondly any funds from such sales will not be going into my bank account!

Given my concerns I Googled Kiss Library which threw up this link, https://www.dalecameronlowry.com/piracy-alert-seller-stealing-books-kisslibrary-com/. The post details a number of instances where authors have discovered their books on sale at Kiss Library without their permission. Kiss Library state (in the comments following on from the article) that they have suspended a number of users who have illegally uploaded books in breech of the author’s copyright and there are indications from authors that their works have indeed been removed following the submission of a DMCA. However the post linked to above was written in 2017 but the comments show that in 2018 authors where still experiencing problems with Kiss Library, (indeed, in 2019 I found one of my works offered for sale without my permission on Kiss’s site).

Authors may wish to check Kiss Library’s website to ascertain whether any of their works are being offered for sale without their permission.

You can find a useful article on how to submit a DMCA take down notice here, https://sarafhawkins.com/how-to-file-dmca-takedown/.

For another helpful article on copyright infringement you may wish to check out this article, https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/authors-resources-central/copyright-infringement-actions-to-take/.

My thanks to Chris Graham (AKA The Story Reading Ape) for drawing both of the forgoing to my attention.


Infringement Of The DMCA

Occasionally I Google my books to see how they are ranking. Yesterday I was concerned to discover that my book, “Street Walker and Other Stories”, which should be available only in the Amazon Kindle store, can, apparently be downloaded from the following (non-Amazon) link, (http://www.ectechnano.com/street-walker-and-other-stories.html).

I didn’t provide Street Walker to ectechnano.com and have no idea how the site obtained my book. Having researched ectechnano.com it appears that it is considered to be a “high risk” site. I am not sure what action to take other than filing a DMCA Notice with ectechnano.com’s Internet Service Provider (I am reluctant to use the contact form displayed on ectechnano.com’s site). Fellow authors may wish to check whether their works can be found on this site.