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Free book promotion!

My book ‘Streetwalker and other stories’ will be free in the Amazon Kindle Store, from the 11th – 15th October.

In this collection of flash fiction we meet a variety of characters, many of whom have been deeply damaged by life. The stories range from a young prostitute who walks the dangerous streets of London to tales of vengeance and comeuppance. Serious issues of abuse of power are touched upon. Anyone who is looking for a comfortable read should avoid this book.

‘Streetwalker and other stories’ is available here for the UK and here for the US.


Infringement Of The DMCA

Occasionally I Google my books to see how they are ranking. Yesterday I was concerned to discover that my book, “Street Walker and Other Stories”, which should be available only in the Amazon Kindle store, can, apparently be downloaded from the following (non-Amazon) link, (http://www.ectechnano.com/street-walker-and-other-stories.html).

I didn’t provide Street Walker to ectechnano.com and have no idea how the site obtained my book. Having researched ectechnano.com it appears that it is considered to be a “high risk” site. I am not sure what action to take other than filing a DMCA Notice with ectechnano.com’s Internet Service Provider (I am reluctant to use the contact form displayed on ectechnano.com’s site). Fellow authors may wish to check whether their works can be found on this site.



Update to About Page

I have updated my About page to include the link to my latest collection of short stories, Street Walker and other stories. I have also corrected the link to my Amazon author page. For my About page, please visit: http://newauthoronline.com/about/

Well Done Amazon!

I updated my Amazon Author Page with my collection of short stories, “The Street Walker And Other Stories” this morning and I am impressed to see that Amazon has already made the necessary changes. Well done Amazon! If some poor soul is working on new year’s day to manually update author profiles then I am especially grateful to them! You can find my updated author’s page here http://www.amazon.co.uk/K.-Morris/e/B00CEECWHY/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0