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Copyright Infringement

I was concerned to see that my collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”, which is legally available on Amazon only (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AF5EPVY), is (seemingly) being offered on the website of Lilplay, (http://www.wcano.com/lost-in-the-labyrinth.html), without my consent.
A search for Lilplay brings up an extremely high number of customer complaints, including those by authors who state that their copyright is being infringed by Lilplay.
In terms of resolving this matter, I will be following the advice set out in this helpful link, (http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/authors-resources-central/copyright-infringement-actions-to-take/), which is, in essence to submit a DMCA via the ISP of the company hosting the copyright infringing material. My thanks to The Story Reading Ape for this helpful resource.


Guest Posts

Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog has a useful section on resources for authors. This includes book reviewers and those happy to host guest posts. I an now listed under bloggers happy to host guest posts. For Chris’s useful author resources and other useful information on his blog please visit https://thestoryreadingapeblog.wordpress.com/authors-resources-central/guest-author-friendly-blogs/?preview=true&preview_id=16291&preview_nonce=2a97035cd9

Getting Started In The World Of Self-Publishing

While browsing the web earlier today I came across the below article on how to get started in the world of self-publishing, http://www.publishlawyer.com/carousel7.htm. The article dates back to 2002. it is, none the less a useful source of material for those just starting out in the field of self-publishing. The main criticism I have of the piece is it’s concentration on traditional print books (the world of e-books receives only a fleeting reference). However given the vintage of the article one can, I think forgive it’s concentration on the printed word.

For those with limited financial means or budding authors who wish to start out by producing an e-book only rather than a print book, I recommend taking a look at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing which allows authors to market their e-books free of charge. For KDP Select please visit http://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/KDPSelect