Civilisation Totters, Like a Girl in Stilettos

Civilisation totters, like a girl in stilettos.

In palaces and ghettos

It’s the same old game of lust.

We escape the dust

By  leaving one of our kind behind.

But, after our lust

Perchance we wonder, “is humanity terminally bust?”.

2 thoughts on “Civilisation Totters, Like a Girl in Stilettos

  1. V.M.Sang

    I suspect ‘humanity is terminally bust’. No one seems to have the incentive to solve, or at least try to solve, the world’s problems. All they think about is money.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Vivienne. I think we humans are by nature imperfectible. However, that does not (to me at least) imply that there is no hope, as we humans have the capacity for great stupidity, but also for tremendous inventiveness and the ability to solve problems. In truth I veer between optimism and pesimism. Kevin


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