There is No Light

There is no light
To brighten the night
As I pass
Along the churchyard path
Just gusting wind
Eternal as the rain.

6 thoughts on “There is No Light

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thank you. I’m pleased you like my poem.
      Your comment interests me. I am registered blind and use a guide dog as a mobility aid. I can discern the difference between light and dark and see the outline of objects. I can not, however (using my vision as opposed to other senses) differentiate between friends and strangers, and I can not read print (I use accessibility software to compose my poetry).
      I lost most of my vision at 18-months-old so only recollect having the limited eyesight which I now possess.
      I guess I try to use the limited sight I have to best effect.
      Thanks again for liking and commenting.
      Best wishes. Kevin


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