Try Writing Better Poetry

Whilst checking my Twitter notifications this morning, I came across the following gem:
“Recommended For You
Try writing better poems and see how you get on then”.

I am not sure how I should take that …!

10 thoughts on “Try Writing Better Poetry

  1. Victoria Zigler

    With a grain of salt. I’ve had some of those recommendation things pop up, and some of them are clearly not applicable. Like how something involving butchers was recommended to me… Apparently Twitter didn’t get the memo about me being vegan (I haven’t eaten meat since a few years before I even joined Twitter, though admittedly I wasn’t officially vegan until a little over two years ago). At least this one is semi-linked to what you do and post about.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Hi Tori. You receiving recommendations for butchers when you are vegan made me smile! I’m sure you are right, its best to take these suggestions with a grain of salt, and laugh if you can … Kevin

  2. Raven

    Apart from it’s probably some ad for yet another dodgy poetry course from someone who wouldn’t know a couplet from a sonnet – I use sea salt so it’s a mighty big grain of salt.

    However to myself I would say ‘challenge accepted, there’s always room to improve – but I wouldn’t be signing up for the dodgy poetry course

  3. V.M.Sang

    It made me smile. Perhaps someone out there thinks you shouldn’t be rhyming and have rhythm, like the free verse that seems to be what poetry is these days. (But not in my book! It’s definitely something, and often beautiful, but poetry it’s not.)
    It’s like when I receive messages from a bank I’ve never used. Sending things, spam or scam, broadcast to a large number of people in the hope of hitting some. I bet there are many who received it who’ve never written a poem in their lives.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your great comments, Vivienne. I like your analogy with the sending out of spam. As you say, many of those who receive such notifications have probably never written a poem in their lives. Kevin

  4. floridaborne

    Not everyone is going to like your poetry, or mine, or my son’s poetry. Write what you love. With 8 billion people in this world, if 1/10th of 1% liked your poetry, that would still be a few million people.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comment. You make an excellent point. Of course not everyone is going to like what you or I write. But the fact that people appreciate our writing is what matters, whether that appreciation runs into the millions, hundreds or simply the 20’s and 30’s.

      Best wishes. Kevin


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