The daisies remain,
Although not the same
As those I saw
Carpetting Nature’s floor,
When, as a child
I ran wild
And free.

I can almost see
The Daisy Chain,I made from nature’s great store.
Better to have left them on her green floor.
As it is much easier to disrupt than construct.

And the chain I composed
On the school playing field
Did yield
To time.
Am I arrogant to suppose
That this little rhyme
May outlast the brief hour
Of a daisy flower?

2 thoughts on “Daisies

  1. V.M.Sang

    Lovely, Kevin. Yours are amongst the few poems I can read these days. I don’t consider most of what people call poetry today as poems.
    To me, poems need to have at the very least a rhythm, and preferably a rhyme (but not essential) otherwise the words are simply prose split into lines arbitrarily.
    I write poetry. Most of mine rhyme, and those that don’t have a rhythm. It’s much harder to do this than the so-called poetry written by today’s poets.
    That’s not to say that some of them aren’t poetical, just that they aren’t poems.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your extremely kind words on my poetry, Vivienne. I am delighted you enjoyed this poem of mine.

      I agree with you that much modern poetry comes across (to me at least) as prose. There is, however some wonderful poetic prose, and its not always easy to determine where prose stops and poetry begins.

      Its great that you also write rhyming poetry.

      All the best, Kevin


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