A Young Lady of Moldova

A young lady of Moldova
Stole my brand new pullover.
‘Twas in the woods at night
As I flew my old kite.
Please, has anyone seen my pullover?

13 thoughts on “A Young Lady of Moldova

      1. blindzanygirl

        Oh dear. Well with travel restrictions then we will not have much hope of catching her. Best make do then!

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      But the White Cliffs of Dover can be treacherous, and many an unfortunate young lady may lose her footing as she traverses them. The thought of such a tragedy does, of course bring a tear to my eye Lorraine. And my knuckle dragging friend from London (who just happens to be in Dover at the moment, says that the cliffs are particularly treacherous at the moment. So am quite concerned for that young lady of Muldova …

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh dear! So all those pull overs will go to waste. And what of the bluebirds over
    The white cliffs of Dover?

    They may be very upset to see that poor young lady come to her end on such beautiful whit clliffs. I think birds like to be happy.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Let us hope then that she comes to no harm as I would not wish to upset those bluebirds. But, perhaps, if she is unfortunate enough to go over the White Cliffs of Dover, she will die happy, with the words of Vera Lyn ringing in her ears.

      1. blindzanygirl

        Kevin i suggest you go to a restaurant tonight or the pub or both, as it has been announced that they are to close, along with gyms. Have a nuce “last Supper”. 😊 x

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      Thanks for the information Lorraine. I did catch the news earlier today, however the closure of restaurants, pubs etc had not been announced at that juncture. I am, however not surprised by the announcement, and I shall pop along to the pub, followed by a restaurant with a friend this evening.

      1. blindzanygirl

        Great stuff Kevin. Not sure where the annuncement came from but it was a Newsflash on my phone. It might not be operative right this moment. We need clarity. Have a nice steak for me please 😀

    3. K Morris Poet Post author

      I am sure that restaurants etc will be given a few days notice before they close, at least I hope so! I shall certainly have a steak (or whatever I end up eating) for you Lorraine! All the best, Kevin


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