A Young Lady Named Mel

A young lady named Mel
Runs an exceedingly seedy hotel,
Where a girl called Miss Bland
Takes respectable gentlemen by the hand,
Or so the tabloids tell!

6 thoughts on “A Young Lady Named Mel

      1. colinmcqueen

        I wrote a few on my blog last week (There was an old poet called Lear). I like writing them. The strict formality of scan and rhyme allowing unbridled silliness really appeals. Your limerick also made me smile and writing a part 2 seemed like a good idea. I hope you don’t mind.

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      No problem. WordPress can behave in strange ways. I have commented on blogs, not had my comment appear, resubmitted it and then had both appear! I think sometimes it takes a while for the page to refresh which means a comment does not appear to have gone through when, in fact it has! All the best, Kevin


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