When A Young Man Named Mitch

When a young man named Mitch
Said, “poetry will make me rich!”,
A young lady called Moriah
Sighed, “I must marry the squire,
For poetry does not make one rich!”.

10 thoughts on “When A Young Man Named Mitch

  1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

    I wonder if Moriah will be really happy with the squire, though? He may be able to buy her all the possessions she needs, but never give her his heart.
    Sadly, I’m sure many people who decide to publish their works never see a valid return, such a shame. Although, I’m also sure many don’t do it for that reason. I’ve had a few different reactions from folks when I say I write poetry. I do feel a bit sad when they say, “I don’t like poetry” yet they may not even realise that it’s around them in so many different forms. Oh well, it’s their loss, & no good trying to probe a closed mind!

    1. K Morris Poet Post author

      Many thanks for your comment, Debbie. I agree you that poetry is all around. Much pop music rhymes. Again rap (which is not really my cup of tea) contains rhymes and whether one likes it or not, rap music can be rather clever in its employment of rhyme. I remember telling a gentleman that I wrote poetry and him responding with what I can only describe as a titter. It was, in truth the kind of response I would have expected from a little child, rather than an adult, so I definitely hear and agree with what you say here, Debbie. Having said that, I had a very interesting and enjoyable conversation with a gentleman yesterday evening in my local pub about Philip Larkin. It was great to meet a fellow poetry lover. Best wishes – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Ahh, hearing about your lovely conversation with a man about Philip Larkin, is really heartening, Kevin. So glad you had such a positive exchange about poetry. How unkind of the other chap, tittering, in that way..like you say, childish! Yes, rap music is very clever, (& not my cup of tea, either,) but I guess you could call it a modern day poetry. If it speaks to younger folks, & gets them interested in rhyme and things they believe in for the good, then all well & good. It’s interesting to just read song lyrics sometimes, & appreciate them alone…although, it’s quite difficult, when you know the tune so well, not to sing along!

    2. K Morris Poet Post author

      I’m glad you where heartened on reading about my conversation with the gentleman about Philip Larkin, Debbie. You are right that if rap music encourages young people to take a positive interest in poetry that this can only be a good thing. I recently read an article about Instagram poets. There is a view amongst some that Instagram somehow debases poetry by allowing the production of bite sized verse which can easily be read, liked and forgotten. However others make the point that Instagram is helping to implant an interest in poetry amongst young people which, as in the case of rap music is to the good. Also some Instagram poets have gone on to publish in print or e-book format and have used Instagram as a springboard for doing so. I see my Instagram as one means of reaching a wider audience and I know that I’ve reached new readers by creating an account there, which can only be a good thing. I find that with some pop tunes they do (as you say) keep going round in my head, even where I don’t particularly like the song in question! Thanks for your comments, Debbie – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Thank you for your reply, Kevin. Poetry on Instagram is an interesting subject. Like you say, much of it is very short, written so it can be read on one page. I first started sharing my poetry by posting on Instagram, just to try it out, but because I use my own photography to accompany my poems, & post the actual poem below, I think some followers just look at the photos, give a quick “like” and move on. Luckily the use of hashtags has driven some followers my way, however. I know I’ve sometimes flicked through posts quickly, myself, to try to catch up, especially if I haven’t been on there much, but I am aware now that I should also read the accompanying comment. WordPress seems to work better for me in that I can present both in a much more pleasing way, & in respect of feedback. It also seems a lovely, friendly community, & not quite so impersonal. I do agree though, Instagram is a way of reaching a wider audience, so definitely worth a punt! All the best, Kevin.

    3. K Morris Poet Post author

      You make a good point about people just liking the picture on Instagram without reading the text, Debbie. That haden’t struck me. However, as you also say, some will read the accompanying text and I wish you well with your Instagram and, of course with your WordPress blog! I agree with you also about WordPress being a friendly community. I have visited sites on Blogger, however (in my experience) those I have visited (although many contain great content) do not have the same engagement from their readership as do WordPress websites/blogs. Enjoy your Tuesday, Debbie and thanks for your comment. Best wishes – Kevin

      1. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Many thanks for your good wishes, Kevin, that’s very kind. I haven’t heard of Blogger, though I must admit, I do have trouble keeping up with various social media, and neglect some, so maybe it’s just as well! I’m really quite new to WordPress too and still feeling my way around, so probably better to concentrate on that at the moment, methinks! It’s great to be able to interact with folks like yourself, who do have lots of poetry/blogging experience & know how, to widen the whole enjoyment of the process. So thank you for taking the time to comment, Kevin.

      2. K Morris Poet Post author

        Many thanks for your comments, Debbie. I enjoy engaging with you as your comments are always interesting, plus I gain pleasure from reading your poetry.

        Blogger is owned by Google and can be found here, https://www.blogger.com/about/?r=2. Blogger is, basically an alternative to WordPress, however I agree with you its best to concentrate on one blogging platform (although some people do use both WordPress and Blogger).

        Best wishes – Kevin

      3. debbiejonesalwaysamused

        Ahh, thank you, Kevin, it’s the same for me, engaging with you & reading your poetry is most enjoyable & interesting. 🙂
        Many thanks for the Blogger link, I will take a look, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just stick to WordPress, certainly at the moment. All the best, Kevin.

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