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To A Rose

Sometimes I compose a poem and, having done so conclude that it is, in fact 2 (separate) compositions.

Yesterday I composed “To Flowers that, In Springtime Bud”, https://kmorrispoet.com/2019/11/30/to-flowers-that-in-springtime-bud/. It consisted of 2 stanzas, however I posted here only the second of these with the title “To Flowers that, In Springtime Bud”. Today I am posting the first stanza which is, as I say above, an entirely separate poem.

What the poet thinks is, of course, not necessarily the same as his readers, so do please feel free to comment if you disagree with my interpretation of the matter.

‘Tis a fine
To see the spring
And compose
A poem, to a rose,
That she
Will never see.