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Is Paying for Sex Wrong?

Yesterday evening, I listened to a great debate on Intelligence Squared Youtube’s channel entitled “Its Wrong to Pay for Sex”.

The debate included an economist, a former madam (the owner of a US escort agency who spent some time in jail for providing working women to clients), a researcher into prostitution, An anthropologist and an author.

My own view is that it is not wrong to pay for sex provided that the person receiving payment, who is usually (but not always a woman), is of legal age and has not been coerced into providing sexual services.

As always, I would be interested in the views of my readers. You can find “Its Wrong to Pay for Sex Below”,

Communal Living Anyone?

Can people live together in a state of equality by which I mean a society in which resources are shared equally and each individual contributes to the good of the whole community? The collapse of the former Soviet Union together with it’s former satelites in Eastern Europe has lead many to contend that such a state of afairs is pie in the sky. States which aim at equality inevitably degenerate into dictatorships which are neither equal or free the argument goes. But what about small communities or communes? Can groups of like minded individuals come together and live in a state of equality in which each person contributes to the common good? In any case how should we define the common good? Does it exist?

I have an idea for a story in which the above themes will be explored. I envisage a group of idealistic people joining together to farm the land in common and escape from what they perceive to be the materialism and corruption of capitalist society. Will their little community work or is it doomed to failure? Watch this space.